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Laser Sharp Focus by Joanna Jast

Laser Sharp Focus:A No-Fluff Guide to Improved Concentration

Achieve focus and productivity with this no-fluff guide. Learn how to improve concentration, maximise productivity and fast-track to success. Learn how to laser-sharp focus your attention and get things done quickly with this no-fluff guide.

A recent survey revealed that the average worker only gets 4 hours of work done in an 8-hour day. The cause for this is a lack of focus and productivity. This blog will outline how you can use a few simple steps to improve your concentration and productivity.

Laser Sharp Focus by Joanna Jast

For many business professionals, the ability to stay focused, remains elusive. They spend lots of time doing the wrong things at the wrong time and before they know it, they are in a downward spiral. In this book, we look at how you can stay focused, what tools you can use to stay focused and we also look at how you can maximize your productivity and motivate yourself.

This guide is a master class in concentration. It will be your ultimate guide to laser-sharp focus. The guide is split into three main parts: 

Awareness, Management and Mastery. In the first part of the guide we will look at basic tips to improve your concentration. You will struggle to find a guide out there that is so easy-to-read, entertaining and packed with useful tips. 

In the second part of the guide we will look at the science and psychology behind concentration. We will analyze popular distractions, discuss strategies and explore the future of concentration. 

Most of us recognize that concentration is important, but few of us put in the effort to improve it. This can be very costly. You see, when our minds are relaxed and not concentrating, it's like taking detour. Most of the time, this detour leads to the path of procrastination and we end up wasting time on the internet or social media.


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